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Keep It Local

When we say LOCAL, we mean LOCAL!
We love local food, and supporting our local community!

Every animal we sell is from our farm or one of the amazing family farmers who grow for us. We take pride in these awesome relationships we have established over the last 10 year. We are so thankful and proud of all the talented Organic and Eco farmers we work with.

We are all real farmers, actual farmers! None of the meat we sell comes from a meat wholesaler. Can your local butcher shop say that? Ask, it may be of surprise to find out that some of the meat sold in some local butcher shops comes from anywhere in North America. Not here!

There is no point in selling local food, if you don't spend the money in your local community! So, we do. We buy from the local hardware store, we only use local butchers, and transportation companies and feed suppliers.

It is our goal that the money we generated on our farm enriches the local economy. This means the suppliers and vendors; Farm Partners and Butchers we use are as close to our farm as possible.

Over 90% of all our suppliers and vendors are located no more than 200 km from my farm. Small family run businesses working to make a difference in the local economy.

Over 90% of all our expenses are shared among these local businesses. 90%+ of the money we spend to operate the farm, the day-to-day things all happen within 200 km of our farm.

Think about it. Feed, fencing supplies, hardware, building supplies, repairs, tractor parts, butchering, fuel, all local. That is pretty awesome! And that is truly what local means!

Growing nutrient dense, chemical and antibiotic free, humanely raised Organic food to feed our family, friends, and neighbors. Our customer base is Ontario. All of Ontario! Anywhere in Ontario. If you are in Ontario, we want to grow food for you and your family!

So, Ontario, when we say local, please know, we actually mean local! Help us keep our neighbors and fellow Ontarian's employed, buy our meats!