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Frequency Asked Questions

Do you deliver grass fed beef to Toronto?
Yes! We deliver any of the online store items to everywhere in Ontario. Looking for an organic meat delivery? We got you covered! That means all our products including grass fed beef can be delivered to Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Thornhill, Windsor, Monkton, ANYWHERE in Ontario.
What other products can I get?
Any meats we offer can be packed and shipped to Toronto including: • Grass-fed Beef • Certified Organic Pork • Certified Organic Chicken • Organic Pasture Raised Pork - Seasonal • Organic Pasture Raised Chicken – Seasonal • Organic Pasture Raised Duck – Seasonal • Gourmet Smoked, Fermented & Cured Deli Meats; Pepperettes & Summer Sausage Please Note: A 30lb minimum order is required.
Do you raise all the livestock yourself?
We raise 60% of the meat sold on our farm. We purchase the rest from some amazing, local, family-owned farms. To be a Partner Farm of Back-to-Nature, a Partnership Agreement is required. It outlines how the animals must be raised, what they are fed, and the overall intention of the farmer and the land they farm. We have some amazing Partner Farms, and we appreciate their hard work. You should be excited to support an entire network of farmers, who work together to grow amazing animals, and enjoy what they do, while respecting the air, land, and water we share.
Do you sell wholesale?
Yes. Wholesale Accounts can be set-up, just call or email and we will send you all the info.
Do I pay the delivery driver?
No. Your delivery fees are collected when you place your order, so just sign for your meat, and enjoy!
Do you deliver to apartments or condos in Toronto?
Yes! You are still required to sign when you receive your order. Be sure you put any codes, or instructions on how to reach you in the Order Notes.
What are the delivery days?
Delivery days are Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
Can the order be delivered to my work?
Yes! We can deliver to your work, if that is where you will be between 9am and 5pm. Just make sure you bring a cooler to keep your meat safe while travelling home. Put it in the freezer as soon as possible.
Do I have to be home on delivery?
Yes! Make sure you provide your correct address and sign when you receive your order. Deliveries occur between 9am and 5pm.
Will my meat arrive frozen?
Yes. Your meat arrives frozen, delivered by an HCCAP Certified Cold Food Transport Courier, as described on the Shipping & Food Safety page.
How much will the delivery be?
Delivery is included in the price for home delivery. Its not included in the price for on farm pick-up.